Tired eyes were a thing of the past – protect yourself from harmful blue light rays with our blue light filter glasses

The issue of blue light is becoming more and more present in our consciousness – it should be, considering how much time we spend in front of various screens every day and thus expose ourselves to the dangerous blue light radiation. Thanks to our glasses with proven blue light filter technology, you can now protect your eyes from the effects of blue light rays and thus prevent symptoms of fatigue, eye itching and even headaches. Special lenses filter out blue light and UV rays, which relieves our eyes and makes us feel better. The transparent lenses of our blue light filter glasses are framed in stylish frames made of high-quality acetate or elegant stainless steel, and therefore not only convince with optimal eye protection and high wearing comfort, but also with their cool look! You can find more information about blue light/filter here.

Which glasses suit me best?

You are ready for your new glasses, but you don't know which style is right for you? No problem, because our glasses fit guide will help you to find the right glasses model for you! Whether oval, heart-shaped, square or round - we will find the perfect glasses for your face. Just choose your favorite frame online and order your new favorite glasses directly to your home.