Keys, mobile phone, wallet — and off you go! But where to put all the everyday essentials you need to carry?  A crossbody bag offers the perfect safe and convenient storage for everyday items, and it looks stylish too. At Kapten & Son you'll find the ideal style to use as an everyday accessory!

What is a crossbody bag?

Crossbody bags (sometimes referred to simply as shoulder bags) are versatile modern accessories that are distinguished by their practical carrying design. Thanks to the diagonal shoulder strap, the bag can just be suspended across your upper body, leaving your hands free while still having everything you need conveniently available. Crossbody bags are the perfect combination of functional and aesthetic design and are an absolute must-have item if you like travelling a lot.

How big should a crossbody bag be?

Small but mighty: most crossbody bags offer around 1 litre of storage, which provides ample space and organisation options for your everyday essentials. In addition to your mobile phone, keys and wallet, you can also store headphones, handkerchiefs, hand cream and other small everyday items. It's true that you won't be able to fit in a laptop, tablet or A4 folder, but the benefit is that a crossbody bag is small, light and comfortable to carry. These bags are designed so they are barely noticeable and won't get in your way or become annoying when travelling.

How do you wear a crossbody bag?

As the name suggests, the crossbody bag is worn across your upper body using the long shoulder strap. You can adjust the length of this strap and wear the bag at the front, on your back or to the side — it's entirely up to you and your preferences. You can also tuck the bag under your arm, carry it over your shoulder or hold it in your hand. There are all sorts of creative options with the little crossbody bag!

Crossbody bag and sling bag: what's the difference?

These two terms are often used synonymously, so there is no real difference. Both the crossbody bag and the sling bag are small shoulder bags. The term sling bag originally comes from the "sling pack", which is a rucksack with just a single shoulder strap that is also worn across the upper body, so effectively this is a larger version of a crossbody bag.

Why you should buy a crossbody bag from Kapten & Son

Crossbody bags from Kapten & Son are versatile and suitable for use everywhere: in everyday life, on special occasions or when travelling.

  • Micro to macro crossbody bags: From 0.7 to 1.3 litres, Kapten & Son offers crossbody bags in different sizes. Whether your preference is classic and understated or sporty and modern, you are bound to find the perfect style for you and your everyday life.

  • Flexible design: It's not just the straps that adapt flexibly to you and your body, the minimalist design also ensures versatility. From casual everyday outfits to an elegant accessory for special occasions, our crossbody bags can handle any occasion and adapt to suit any look.

  • Premium materials: Crossbody bags from Kapten & Son are made from recycled PET and vegan tech material, making them durable, robust and ready for any adventure in your life, big or small.

  • Experience(s): Our product development team is made up of design experts with many years of experience, whose mission is to incorporate the wishes of our community in our products. Confirmation of this can be found in our numerous positive reviews on Trusted Shops and Google.