Modern, stylish and practical: a Kapten & Son changing backpack in black or beige is a reliable companion for everyday life with your little bundle of joy. Find the stylish changing backpack that suits you.

Buying a changing backpack: what to look out for?

You can always rely on a good changing backpack for outings and activities with your baby. Toddler groups, walks in the park, visits to the playground or shopping — as a mum or dad, you're sometimes out and about for hours. When choosing your backpack, make sure it has padded and adjustable straps. This reduces the strain on your back and makes everyday activities easy to manage.

Since family adventures can sometimes get dirty, your changing backpack should be water-repellent and easy to clean.

To make sure you have enough space to keep toys, nappies, wet wipes and water bottles within easy reach, you should choose a backpack with 11 litres of storage and enough inner and outer compartments.

If you want to continue working part-time or freelance during your parental leave, your backpack should be equipped with a laptop compartment. This allows you to work comfortably when you are on the go, and you can use the backpack as a work bag once the nappy phase is over.

Kapten & Son changing backpack: the right choice

Thanks to years of collaboration with content creators and feedback from our community, we have been able to develop two changing backpacks that more than meet the needs of fashion-conscious, working parents. A Kapten & Son changing backpack like the Bergen Pro Diaper is a winner:

  • 11 litre capacity

  • Robust, washable materials

  • Two side compartments for a water bottle and a small umbrella

  • One padded laptop compartment

  • Straps for attaching to a pushchair

Changing backpack or changing bag: which is better?

For years, the shoulder bag was considered the ultimate fashionable it-piece. Today, elegant backpacks have become indispensable as practical everyday companions for going to work or for leisure time. The popularity of changing backpacks has also risen sharply in recent years.

The advantages of a changing backpack are:

  • Organised interior: nappies, wet wipes and bottles are quickly to hand.

  • Protects your back: a backpack takes the strain off your back and is more comfortable to carry.

  • More freedom of movement: your hands remain free. Perfect when you're out and about with your baby.

  • Unisex: backpacks are practical, comfortable to carry and create a casual look. This appeals to both mums and dads.

In a direct comparison, the changing backpack has the edge. Another feature in favour of a Kapten & Son changing backpack is the timeless aesthetic and modern look. On the other hand, if you prefer a classic changing bag, we can recommend the Lindby backpack. Thanks to the flexible shoulder straps, you can also carry the Kapten & Son Lindby as a bag.


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