Yoga, football, spinning or tennis: A sports backpack from Kapten & Son can be taken to the gym or the sports field, it looks stylish and offers all kinds of practical features to make sure you can perform at your best. Find your ideal gym buddy now! 

How to find the right sports backpack

The right sports backpack can make a huge difference. First, think about what the main activity is that you want to use your backpack for (yoga, hiking, tennis, gym, etc.) and what requirements it needs to fulfil. As well as thinking about the size, you should consider various other features such as how comfortable it is to carry, the layout of the compartments and what materials it is made of. If you commute between your workout and your job, your sports backpack should offer extra space for your other everyday essentials, and it should be designed to make a stylish impression both at the gym and in the office. To help you navigate the options, you can use our buying guide to help you find the perfect sports backpack for you. 

How big should your sports rucksack be?

The size of your sports rucksack depends on how extensive your equipment is and whether you need to carry other essentials, such as your laptop, in addition to your sports kit. While a backpack that is too small may not offer you enough space, a large backpack can be unnecessarily bulky. That is why it is essential that you choose a suitable model for your requirements and preferences. We recommend a medium-sized backpack with a volume of between 20 and 30 litres. The Yoho, for example, is an ideal training partner and if you need even more space, we can recommend the Banff. This also has a separate shoe compartment. It is also important to make sure the fit is right, especially if you have to cover long distances: the backpack should mould to your back and sit comfortably. This can be achieved with the help of adjustable straps and an ergonomic shape and padding. 

Things to look out for in your sports rucksack

If you exercise regularly, you will use your sports rucksack a lot. To make sure it can be a useful companion for as long as possible, you should choose a product that is highly durable and made of high-quality materials. Water-repellent fabrics and zips protect your equipment, keeping it dry and preventing it from getting musty. Of course, you have to be won over by the appearance too, but otherwise the most important thing is to look for something that is well-designed, including small compartments for your mobile phone, keys and/or glasses, for example. Separate compartments for shoes or sweaty clothes are also practical, as are holders for water bottles. If you want to store other items such as a laptop or toiletries, you should make sure there are also compartments for these items. 

Buy a sports backpack from Kapten & Son

Kapten & Son sports backpacks offer all sorts of benefits to support you, whatever type of training you have lined up. 

  • Versatile design: Kapten & Son backpacks are suitable for every sport from bouldering to yoga and, thanks to their minimalist look, they are equally appropriate for the office, a university lecture or on holiday. 

  • Sports features: Plenty of inner and outer compartments ensure that nothing gets lost, and you always have your sports equipment and everything else to hand. Thanks to practical features such as separate shoe compartments, your equipment stays neat and tidy.  

  • High-quality materials: Backpacks from Kapten & Son are made from vegan tech material and recycled PET — a high-quality mix of materials that reliably protects your luggage from wind, weather and other external influences.  The material is also sufficiently robust to ensure your sports backpack can accompany you to as many training sessions as possible.