Comfort, practical features and stylish design: do you like to scout out every photo spot and take beautiful pictures when travelling? A Kapten & Son travel backpack blends aesthetically into the scenery and makes you look even more stylish. Find your travel buddy now!  

Find the right travel backpack 

A good travel backpack is a reliable companion during your holiday. Even after hours of sightseeing or an extensive hike, you will barely notice you are carrying it because it is so comfortable. Choosing the right backpack size is also important depending on what you are doing or whether you are travelling on a tight budget and don't want to check in any extra luggage. Our buying guide will help you find the ideal travel buddy. 

How big should a travel rucksack be? 

First of all, it depends on how long your trip will last and what kinds of activities you are planning. A rucksack with a volume between 20 and 30 litres is usually sufficient for a weekend trip or a city break. The fit of the backpack is also important: make sure it sits comfortably and moulds well to your body. Adjustable shoulder straps plus hip and chest straps ensure the weight is evenly distributed and take the strain off your back. Ultimately, choosing the right travel backpack should always involve making sure it is tailored to your individual needs — it should offer both functional and aesthetic appeal!  

How to pack your travel rucksack 

Essentials such as your passport, smartphone, charging cable or other important documents and smaller items are best packed on top. This way you will have the most important items quickly to hand. Heavy items should be positioned as close to the body as possible, so these are best packed in the centre. Light but bulky items, such as a jacket or neck pillow, are best placed right at the bottom. You can find more tips in our guide: Packing your rucksack correctly. 

Does a rucksack count as hand luggage? 

This depends entirely on the dimensions of the rucksack and the airline's guidelines. Different specifications apply here in some cases. Ryanair allows passengers to take one small item of hand luggage measuring 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm onto the aircraft free of charge. In addition to their hand luggage, parents can take a changing rucksack or nappy bag with a weight of up to five kilograms. It's best to find out which guidelines apply for your airline before you book your flight. This will help you avoid expensive surprises at the airport. Find out more in our guide: Which backpack to take as hand luggage 

Buy a travel backpack from Kapten & Son  

Kapten & Son travel backpacks offer all sorts of advantages:  

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  • Design: All our backpacks have a minimalist and elegant appearance. This makes them ideal travelling companions as they are suitable for almost any situation, and you won't feel out of place. Thanks to their understated aesthetics, our travel backpacks blend harmoniously into any photo.

  • Experience(s): Our product development team is made up of design experts with many years of experience, who incorporate the wishes of our community into our products. Confirmation of this can be found in our numerous positive reviews on Trusted Shops and Google.