Sling it over your shoulder, and head out the front door! A shopper bag is ideal for everyday plans of any size, and it looks stylish whether you're travelling light or fully packed. Whether it's for the gym, office, or just for shopping: at Kapten & Son, you'll find the ideal shopper bag for your requirements. 

What is a shopper bag?

As well as being highly versatile, the shopper bag is characterised by its spacious volume with numerous pockets and compartments. If a rucksack feels too sporty, a weekender is too bulky, and a crossbody bag is too small — we recommend a shopper bag to carry all your daily essentials wherever your everyday life takes you. There's plenty of space for small items such as your mobile phone, keys and wallet, but you can also fit in your laptop, water bottle, sports outfit and yoga mat. 

How big should a shopper bag be?

To make sure you can store everything without having to squash and squeeze or play Tetris, your shopper bag should offer around 20 litres of storage space. After all, a generous capacity is the outstanding feature of a shopper bag. In everyday life, it should offer you enough space for shopping and other errands as well as your personal belongings. If you regularly head straight from work or uni to a sports venue, we recommend the Hellvi with 23 litres of storage, offering space for all your work gear as well as your sports kit. If you're looking for something slightly bigger than a handbag for your weekly shop or a picnic in the park, for example, our Shopper Bag Sandstone with just under 17 litres should also be sufficient. 

What is the difference between a shopper and a tote bag?

Although both models are similar in size, shape and functionality, a tote bag is more often carried in the hand due to its short handles. With its longer straps, a shopper bag is often more practical for everyday use. You can just sling it over your shoulder, and it leaves your hands free for everything else. The Hellvi can also be worn around your neck thanks to the detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to distribute the weight evenly and prevent shoulder and neck pain. 

Which fabric for a shopper bag?

Once again, this depends on what you plan to do with your shopper bag. Our shopper bag that is made from recycled cotton is perfect for strolling around town. But if there's a risk of it getting dirty, we recommend opting for the Hellvi. This is made from recycled PET and vegan tech material and is much easier to clean, both inside and out, just in case of any stains caused by (dirty) sportswear, smoothies or shampoo. 

Why a shopper bag from Kapten & Son?

Shopper bags from Kapten & Son offer space, design and a wonderful complement for your outfit — in the city, in the park, at work, at the gym — wherever you are. 

  • Fancy & functional: not only do these bags look great, they also feature impressive inner qualities. Our shopper bags provide inner and outer compartments so things don't get lost in the large storage space and you can organise your luggage. 

  • High-quality materials: whether it's recycled cotton, recycled PET or vegan tech material, we make sure our shopper bags are made from premium materials, so they can offer you reliable everyday service for as long as possible. 

  • Sophisticated design: Kapten & Son shopper bags are practical and spacious but also feature a minimalist design, which is suitable for both work or leisure, offering a clean and casual look wherever you go.