Weekenders are the ideal luggage for a weekend away or a city break. They are practical and stylish, and can even be used in everyday life for sports or university. Real all-rounders! Find your weekender at Kapten & Son and travel in style. 

What is a weekender? 

A weekender is a versatile bag that can be used for different occasions. The name "Weekender" says it all: you can store luggage for a whole weekend in this bag! Our standard models have a capacity of 20 to 30 litres. Thanks to the simple and highly elegant design, a weekender can be used for all sorts of occasions as well as for holidays:  

  • Visits to the gym 

  • Yoga course 

  • Shopping 

  • Hospital stays (for example with overnight essentials) 

If you're planning a short trip, it's worth buying a weekender because you'll find at least one great use for your luggage after your trip.  

Does a weekender count as hand luggage? 

It all depends on the airline and its policies. Each airline handles permitted hand baggage size differently. Consequently, the "55-35-20 rule" applies as a rough guide. This means that your hand luggage must not measure more than 55 x 35 x 20 cm to be accepted by most airlines. It is best to check with your airline in advance to avoid additional costs at the airport. Also read our guide: Which backpack to take as hand luggage. A weekender is not just a great choice as hand luggage when flying, it is also ideal for other forms of transport such as the train or car. Thanks to its handy size, the weekender is easy to stow away and still offers enough space for everything you need on a short trip. 

How big should a weekender be? 

Ideally, your weekender should have a capacity of at least 20 litres. It is also worth making sure that the dimensions comply with your preferred airline's hand luggage regulations. You will also need to think realistically about what items you want to pack in your weekender and what you can do without. In some circumstances, it may be a good idea to use a crossbody bag. 

Smart choice: buy a weekender from Kapten & Son 

A Kapten & Son weekender offers all sorts of advantages:  

  • Practical features such as a separate shoe compartment. This protects your precious trainers and prevents your clothes from coming into contact with dirty shoes.  

  • Clean, minimalist design made in Cologne: for anyone who wants to travel in style. Choose one of the timeless colourways: All Black, Muted Clay or Sandstone.  

  • Robust, water-repellent materials: perfect for any weather conditions and also highly durable. So you can enjoy your Kapten & Son Weekender for longer.