Amsterdam Transparent Hazel

€99.90 incl. VAT.



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  • protects your eyes optimally from blue light as well as UVA and UVB rays
  • anti-reflective, transparent premium lenses with special coating
  • increased scratch protection due to extra hardened lenses
  • comfortable, lightweight frame made of bio-acetate and stainless steel
  • higher precision on screens
  • Width: 137,5mm, Temple length: 145mm, Glass width: 50mm, Glass height: 46,5mm

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Watch out for this! The Amsterdam Transparent Hazel computer glasses not only look casual, but sit comfortably on your nose thanks to the lightweight bio-acetate and stainless steel frame. At the same time, the special premium nylon lenses filter out blue light and UVA and UVB rays emitted by various screens, such as your laptop or smartphone. So you avoid burning eyes, headaches and other fatigue symptoms, even if the day is getting longer. Protect your eyes and stay stylish with the Amsterdam Transparent Hazel.



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