Hip watches from Kapten & Son

It's not about having time. It's about making time. Your watch from Kapten & Son reminds you again and again to take time for the important things in life. To enjoy every single moment and never stand still. Your Kapten & Son watch is always at your side as a faithful, daily companion!

Your watch for your taste

From the size to the case to the watch strap - you alone decide how your watch should look. Whether simple or striking. Whether classic and chic or cool and modern. Your watch adapts to your styling. Your Kapten & Son watch is not only a hip piece of jewelry. It is much more than that: it accompanies you every day and experiences each of your personal adventures together with you. That's why we have developed watches that keep up with your active lifestyle. Fashion meets functionality - so nothing can stop you. All watches from Kapten & Son are made for unique character minds that have a sense of fashion and their own unique style.

Love down to the smallest detail - this is what makes Kapten & Son watches so special

You can combine our models with a white, a blue or a black dial. With a white dial your Kapten & Son watch looks classic, conservative and clean. If you choose a watch with a blue dial, you will immediately draw others attention with your casual look. Watches with black dials create elegant looks and add an extra touch of coolness.
But it's not just the color of the dial that affects the look of your watch. The color of the casing also determines how it enhances your outfit. If you choose a watch in silver, it will look cool, urban, and elegant. Suitable for any occasion, a silver watch is easy to combine with anything and everything, and its shine is the absolute highlight on your wrist. Or are you more the type to wear gold jewellery and accessories? A watch in gold radiates elegance and self-confidence. But watches in rose gold are also very trendy at the moment. They demonstrate trend consciousness and perfect your look. True to the motto Black is the new black you can also buy a watch with a black casing. It will round off every outfit perfectly!

Which watch suits you?

You are tormented by the choice: do you choose a chic watch from the Steel Collection, an elegant watch from the Mesh Collection or a casual watch from the Leather Collection? Whatever you choose, the many different designs will match your style and underline your personality.
To make your outfit a real eye-catcher, are you looking for a real statement watch? Then you should take a look at our large chronograph watches of the 'Chrono' collection or the 'Rise' collection with its quartz movement from the Swiss manufacturer Ronda, which are suitable for both women and men. Some Chrono watches are also available in a small version for narrow wrists. The Rise watches are also available in a small version especially for you. Also popular are the watches from the 'Heritage' watch collection. The classic watches are the perfect companion for your everyday life. The 'Campus' and 'Campus Small' watch collections also feature a simple and timeless look. They differ only in the size of the dial. Or are you more in search of an elegant watch? Then you are sure to choose a watch from our 'Crush' or 'Grace' watch collection. They radiate absolute style and become an absolute eye-catcher! Whichever model you choose, all Kapten & Son Watches are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Convince yourself and find your favourite!